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   Travelling has inspired the clear lines and pure colours of the pieces made by Nésessaire.


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pasted image 0 (9)Tesa Cordoba


 Original patterns and innovation come together to offer comfortable and contemporary designs by Tesa Cordoba.


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  Scarlette Atelierspasted image 0 (10)


   Even chilling at home, you can feel trendy and feminine wearing Scarlette Ateliers.


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Germaine des préspasted image 0 (13)


Colourful pants and loungewear by Germaine des Prés are waiting for you at Jardin des Tuileries.


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  Superbopasted image 0 (12)


   More than an essential basic, creations by Superbo become a state of mind, a style to adopt.


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6ème Galeriepasted image 0 (11)


Luscious materials and elegant lines reflect the discrete luxury of 6eme galerie.


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pasted image 0 (20)  Cortana


  Feeling elegant and exceptional with these handmade creations by Cortana.


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Nicholson & Nicholsonpasted image 0 (19)


 Shapes and volumes are perfectly highlighted by Nicholson & Nicholson.


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  Diegapasted image 0 (18)


   Carole Petit, creator and designer of the brand, puts a masculine spin on well-cut jackets as well as designing exclusive prints with a vintage touch…


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Majestic Filaturespasted image 0 (15)


Majestic Filatures transforms your basic tee into a luxurious and essential part of your wardrobe, made only in Europe.


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  Rue Blanchepasted image 0 (16)


  Contemporary, modern and clean-cut, Rue Blanche is a refreshing womenswear brand.


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Maison Marcypasted image 0 (17)


Chic and trendy slumber wear for ladies and gentlemen by Maison Marcy.


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  Siyupasted image 0 (14)


  Siyu creates beautiful ready-to-wear fashion with natural materials and stunning prints, usually with geometrical shapes.

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