Newcomers for Fall/Winter 2016-17

Newcomers for Fall/Winter 2016-17

Every edition, the PARIS SUR MODE trade show unearths new fashion discoveries from the four corners of the earth. Let yourself be inspired by our new designers, who exhibited for the first time at the Jardin des Tuileries from 4th – 7th March.

Discover them now !



The interpretation of “EXENCE”: knitted woven fabrics with contrasting colors that combined with fantastic 100% cashmere knitwear. Very strong colors and vibrant electric furs. Fantastic, hip, exclusive and UNIQUE for an avant-gard “EXENCE”.



Laila Soares is a French-Brazilian brand and is characterized by its artistic influences. The pieces distinguish themselves by precise geometric lines, without ever losing sight of the body and the sensuality of its shapes. The sober and neutral colors give the garments a sense of timelessness.



Bananatime refers to the moments when people take a break from work by doing something fun. Bananatime gives you a touch of everyday luxury for both men and women that can be worn as homewear, underwear or as your daily wardrobe.


 The ATELIERS FRANÇAIS DE CONFECTION (The French Dress-making Workshops)

The Ateliers Français de Confection present our beautiful women’s ready-to-wear collections, easy and comfortable to wear and always hand-crafted out of natural fabrics. The aim is to be able to « move » freely in our garments. All pieces are made on-site in our own workshop in Marseille. Fabrics and accessories (buttons, labels…) are also made in France.



Suzumé, the name of a little Japanese bird, is a brand new label that marries the elegance of classical dance with a simple pallet and elegant, high-quality materials. Its silhouettes are refined yet simple, authentic, well-researched and avant-garde, each hanging beautifully with subtly worked lace.

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