New designers at Paris sur Mode Tuileries

Faithful to its role as a scout for new talent, the trade show is exclusively showcasing a selection of new brands to discover during this next edition of Paris sur Mode Tuileries.



Haque is for innocence. It means «white», «pure», «spotless». The concept behind our brand is «Woman». Women are generally thought to be feminine, tender, beautiful and loving… But they are also graceful, noble, gallant, reliable and dignified… Haque’s attitude is to be the embodiment of these qualities.

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PSM-HanaSanHana San

Using cotton for its softness, Hana San celebrates the timeless white shirt with a curated and carefully designed collection. Hana San‘s Creative Director, Carine Melkonian, channels her passion for Japanese culture to bring you designs that embody both serenity and disruption, tradition and modernity, and individuality and understatement…

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Knitss is a metaphor for life: colorful, enjoyable, carefully crafted and always remarkable.
It is the contemporary knitwear brand. Effortless luxury made of finest materials and flawless workmanship. Chic and alternative combinations. Made-in-Europe product with high sustainability and ethical codes.

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Shanghai based brand wish to convey that they are not a duplicate of anyone, but naturally stylish and with their own aesthetics. They know the right balance between the world of fashion and design and disruption.

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PSM-NalProjectNal Project

Nal Project is a South Korean brand inspirated by daily life and who is constantly researching for joyfulness. They are also consicous of the time-embracing modernity and the woman natural elegance. Nal Project is for the new women that enjoy their own lifestyle.  

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PSM-JoJO! by Creative Jordan  

Announcing the first collection of the association Creative Jordan, which supports the development of the textile industry in Jordan thanks to Unido (United Nations Organisation for Industrial Development) and many local designers. The members of the project have developped JO!, the new collection by Creative Jordan.
JO!’s first line brings to life the Bedoin tradition of geometric embroidery and Indigo colour palettes, though reinterpreting these customs to make them internationally accessible.
JO! is relaxed, sophisticated and modern, while simultaneously maintaining fresh and timeless tradition.

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