Paris Sur Mode Tuileries autumn-winter 2018-19: Dive into the heart of Parisian nights with Naco Paris

Paris Sur Mode Tuileries autumn-winter 2018-19: Dive into the heart of Parisian nights with Naco Paris

From the 1st to the 4th March, Paris Sur Mode Tuileries will celebrate the revival of Parisian nights with the alternative designer, Naco Paris. Hybrid performances and photography will inspire an upbeat dynamic at Place de la Concorde for this event, which will bring together 80 designers.


Branded with his tagline, ‘KARL WHO?’ his designs characterise an entire generation. However, visitors to Paris Sur Mode Tuileries will be able to see this designer and figure of the Parisian underground in an entirely different light..


Carte blanche to Naco Paris, radical prince(ss) of fashion and the night

Unisex, eccentric, and upcycled — today, his alternative designs encapsulate this activist state of mind that the fashion industry so needs, halfway between clothing and art. A mix, which echoes ‘Madame Paris’, the designer’s female alter ego, who will energise the four days of the trade show. Following London, Barcelona and Berlin’s years, the underground party scene reclaims its place in Paris, where a libertine nightlife has given back to the city its place as creative capital, between flamboyant outfits and effervescent ballrooms.


Immersive scenery combining fashion and performance

The scenery of the trade show, suffused with the Naco Paris ‘touch’ will surprise the guests and the 80 designers. With artwork imagined along the lines of a cabaret flyer, celebrations will be the focal point, even through the soundtrack of the event. A real ‘mood’ which will be found all around: from his numerous self-portraits taken on Polaroid to his famous ‘KISSES’ — his lipstick kisses on paper, which will be dispersed around the trade show. Through a generous tour, visitors will be able to discover ‘Life is a Delirium’, a Naco Paris signed collection created exclusively for this edition of Paris Sur Mode Tuileries.


Photo exhibition and live performance

To give more body to Naco Paris’ design and creation, Paris Sur Mode Tuileries will also host a unique photography exhibition. “I wanted to give the floor to photographers who have been inspired by my character, Madame Paris. Through their photos, they will present their vision of my double.” Among them, Natydred, Soves Deir Rorge, Velvet D'Amour, Walter Denéchère, Monika Barth, William Bibet, and even the works of Mina Maure… Because the nighttime comes with spectacular shows, a performance space with a designated dressing room will exhibit one of the designer’s life-size costumes. For the grand finale of the trade show, on Saturday 3rd March from 3pm, guests will attend a live performance, lasting almost four hours during which ‘Naco’ will transform into ‘Madame Paris’, before making room for… a party.


About Paris Sur Mode Tuileries

The event is integrated within the Paris Fashion Week calendar and offers a view of feminine ready-to-wear with a comprehensive selection of 80 designers. This season autumn-winter 2018-19, the trade show remains, for the fourth time, in the heart of Paris with a tent at Place de la Concorde.

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