Jetro’s brands at Paris sur Mode in March 2017

Every season, the Japan External Trade Organization brings together accessories designers and women’s ready-to-wear manufacturers in Paris to promote Japanese creation. Support and assist brands in their efforts to export, and promote international exchange with buyers, agents and the media: this is the mission entrusted to JETRO by the Japanese Government.

In 2017 JETRO supported 3 brands at Paris Sur Mode.


haqué (1)Haque

HaQue is for innocence. It means «white», «pure», «spotless». The concept behind our brand is «Woman». Women are generally thought to be feminine, tender, beautiful and loving… But they are also graceful, noble, gallant, reliable and dignified… HaQue’s attitude is to be the embodiment of these qualities.

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a_466Punto d’Oro


«Whenever, wherever, never be without your favourite sweaters”. Use your Punto d’Oro sweater every day, regardless of the situation, season, or weather.. The cut of the sweater aims to create an elegant silhouette. Their comfortable and beautiful designs are carefully made using a traditional method which considers all the important elements, such as thickness, weight, and the material.

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img01Sarah Wear


High-quality clothing which will become family heirlooms. Mixing timelessness with a dash of modern essence. The brand creates innovative styles and places importance on high quality Japanese craftsmanship, including the materials and technique, they create clothing that will make your heart flutter and evoke happiness for many years to come.

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