Discover JO! By Creative Jordan at its first showcase in France at Paris sur Mode

Discover JO! By Creative Jordan at its first showcase in France at Paris sur Mode

JO! Look blue and whiteThe young designers of the collective Creative Jordan take their creativity into their own hands, and through it find freedom! JO! ’s first Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection is created by young female designers from Jordan who are reinterpreting embroidery patterns and bedouin traditions, and incorporating them into their contemporary designs.They are using their creativity as a means of resistance and resilience against their daily struggles.

This first collection frJO! Bedouin-Denim look 3om Creative Jordan unites traditional influences with contemporary design. The brand was created under the banner of the Creative Mediterranean project, by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and financed by the EU and Italy

The collection defies all the conventional ideas of middle-eastern fashion, allowing women to reinvent their role and be creative with their look.

Giulio Vinaccia, the designer who coordinates activities for the Creative Mediterranean and winner of the Golden Compass 2016, awarded by the Italian Association for Industrial Design, explains: «The idea was to give young female designers who participate in the project the means to reconnect with their traditions, and in this way their heritage, and reinterpret that in contemporary models. Through the creation of their first collection, they have been able to reinvent themselves and regain their self-confidence.»

Expressing the hidden meaning behind traditional Jordan prints is our way of resisting! We don’t want to copy existing models, but create contemporary pieces which are adapted to the international market, to help our culture survive and improve our living conditions. 

The JO! collection will be showcased for the first time in France at the Paris sur Mode trade show, from the 2nd to the 5th March 2017.

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